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The Birth of Skulptigraph®

Sculpting was observed for the first time in the late 1970's on a Triumph gas tank at my father's shop, Glassboro Auto Body, in New Jersey.

As everyone knows, interest in Harleys declined in the late 1970's and sales remained down through the mid 1980's.   But interest in Harleys experienced a dramatic rebirth and their popularity surged.  As sales picked up again, so did the need for custom paint because now everyone was looking for something a little different.

Walt Woodson had moved to Los Angeles to pursue other interests and was working on cars & bikes out of his own home garage. Then, in 1996, after business had grown larger than the home garage could handle, Walt and Anthony Giordano opened up their first auto body shop, WW Auto Body, on Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, California .

A year later, WW Custom Cycles & Painting, opened across the street. This is where the process called Skulptigraph® began, with the added "special sauce" Walt discovered -- sculpting without the use of the standard bondo-type substance.

Skulptigraph combines design and sculpture, resulting in artwork that is actually raised off the sheet metal. Seemingly overnight, the popularity of this stunning 3-Dimensional Harley artwork exploded. Today, many long-standing customers proudly display their custom cycles with Skulptigraph® artwork.

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