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Anthony Giordano

SO... I met Walter Woodson in a pool hall in Sherman Oaks, California. I would have to say he kicked my ass in pool, but we be came friends anyway.

I came from a small place called Brooklyn, New York. Being '2 East Coast Guys', we hit it off. I work at a place called Rock-it cargo; I travel around the world moving musical equipment for bands like Metallica, Guns & Roses, Poison, ... all The Metal bands from the 80's & 90's , also Pink Floyd & Frank Sinatra.

It was great. One week you would be working with Slayer in Europe, then you would be in Australia with Frank Sinatra. Then you would get a call, 'I need you to be in South America tomorrow with Sting.  I always kept a bag packed with my passport. I had a lot of good times and wild stories.

Then in 1991, I became a Stage Manager for Michael Jackson,
then moved on to Janet Jackson, and 'N SYNC  ... bands like that. 

Now I work for a band that has been around for 40 years: The Rolling Stones.

SO, in all that, somewhere around 1995 or '96, Myself and Walter are sitting around... (ha ha ha, ask Walt about that), in his garage. I said, 'What about starting a business you and me?' And there it was... W.W.Autobody was born.

After a lot of hours and a few years, good times and bad, we started W.W. Custom Cycles.  It was going to be 'just a paint shop'.

I would have to say, after all these years, Walt and I have been great friends. With all the good times and the bad, we have become Brothers.

-- Anthony Giordano    

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